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Illegal Human Organ Traffickingalkhalife
submitted by AstridLed
Organs are the only commodities that people must have to live that you cannot buy in a store. So if you are sick and you need a heart, you cant buy a heart at a store. But according toGregory, you can get one faster from poverty stricken inner cities like Chicagos black market illegal organ trafficking.They’ve been utilizing the organs of black people for years: the organs and body parts of African American people goes back to George Washington. There is a myth that George Washington had wooden teeth; we’ve heard that myth growing up in school. The reality is George Washington did not have wooden teeth because common sense will tell you cant put wood in your mouth, it gets wet and wet wood will rotten.George Washington had the teeth of his African slaves yanked out of their mouths and he made ventures out of those teeth. Those teeth are on display in his museums right now, but that goes to show the history of African people having their bodies mutilated-- disfigured for the betterment and benefit of the dominant society. Today it is happening in Chicago organ trafficking underground black market and it is being cover up with crime.
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