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How to do Perfect Cosplay Makeup
submitted by GeorgiaAb
Today Im going to teach you how to do a Cosplay Lenne Makeup Tutorial.Some of you who didnt know her because of her short seen in Final Fantasy X-2. What really her story?Lenne was a summoner and a treasure songstress in ancient Zanarkand. During the Machina War. Lenne was expected to fight in the front lines. Her lover, Shuyin, set out to steal Bevelles weapon of mass destruction. to stop the war and save her. But, both of them was gunned down by Bevelle forces. Lenne told shuyin she loved him during her final breath. but she never heard her. Shuyins soul lives on an grew bitter and hateful for everything that had been taken away from him specially lenne.And this were begin when Yuna wear the dressphere. Yuna notices a subtle change in her emotions while wearing the dressphere, and appears able to connect to Lennes lingering memories the way no one else seen wearing the dressphere can. Lennes memories manifest as the 1000 words.And Yuna sings it in front of many people of spira. Thats the rest of the story.Here is theCosplay Lenne MakeUp Tutorial Video:
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